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GIGABYTE, AMD and Northern Data AG Join Forces to Create an HPC System with a Power of 3.1 Exaflops


GIGABYTE Technology has confirmed an important alliance with AMD and Northern Data AG that will allow it to carry out a project focused on developing an HPC that will have a power of nothing more and nothing less than 3.1 exaflops.

Within the sector of high-performance general-purpose computers, the most common is to speak of teraflops, a unit of measurement that refers to the amount of floating point operations that can be performed in one second. Not to be confused with MIPS, which refers to "millions of instructions per second".

A teraflop is equivalent to 1012 flops, while an exaflop represents 1018 flops. The difference between both values is very big, as we can see, in fact until relatively recently exa-scale computing was a very complicated challenge.

Returning to the alliance that GIGABYTE, AMD and Northern Data AG have signed, we know that the former will supply server systems equipped with AMD EPYC processors and AMD Radeon Instinct accelerators. As you may have guessed, these two important components will be supplied by their technology partner AMD.

Northern Data will be in charge of developing a computing cluster distributed in several locations in Norway, Sweden and Canada, which will bring together all these server systems and will be able to offer a power of 3.1 exaflops in FP32 (single precision), and 274.5 petaflops in FP64 (double precision). In case someone has not understood the values we have given above, I remind you that one exaflop is equivalent to a million teraflops.

Thomas Yen, Sales and BDM of GIGABYTE Technology, commented

« We are excited about this megaproject and the lively partnership with Northern Data. In cooperation with AMD, we can design, manufacture and deliver high volume servers with high production quality within a few months. This has convinced Northern Data to equip its GPU-based HPC platform, which works with rendering, deep learning and artificial intelligence, with GIGABYTE servers «.

For comparison purposes, the most powerful supercomputer in the world today, "Fukagu" (Fujitsu), is located in Japan and has a power of 1.07 exaflops in FP32 and 415.3 petaflops in FP64, while the second most powerful supercomputer in the world, IBM's "Summit", has a power of 0.414 exaflops in FP32 and 148.0 petaflops in FP64.

There is a very marked difference in terms of gross power between this project and current supercomputers, of that there is no doubt, although it is a project that still has a long way to go.

For his part, Sukh Dhillon, sales director of the commercial channel for EMEA of AMD, has said that:

« We are delighted to be working with GIGABYTE and Northern Data, one of the world's leading HPC companies. We look forward to working on this unique flagship project using second generation AMD. The EPYC processors and AMD Radeon Instinct accelerators help set superior performance, security and scalability standards for the most demanding workloads.«.