Services and capacities


Our main objective to guarantee the transport of data and communications in an agile way and with the highest standards of quality and knowledge of switching and routing technology platforms. The service has the following solutions:

Configuration and Administration of High Availability Network protocols, HSRP, VRRP.
Administration and Implementation of Autonomous Systems for MultiHome scenarios.
Redesign Architecture Reengineering Lan and Wan.
PTP (Point to Point) and PMP (Multipoint) Links Administration
Design, Administration and Operation of Unified Communications
Design and Operation of Wireless Networks.


We provide management of information in convergent networks, through the monitoring, analysis and detection of malicious codes, ensuring the integrity of the information and continuity of the operation. It is attached to the best practices in the methodology of Information Security. It has the following characteristics:

Configuration and Administration of NAT Rules.
Design and Operation of Demilitarized Zones, DMZ.
Implementation of Quality of Service in Layer 7, URL Filtering.
IDS and IPS administration.
Design, Administration and Operation of Virtual Private Networks, VPN.
Implementation of Rules in Applications and Content by User.
Monitoring and Generation of Cyber Threat Reports.
Respond to Security Incidents.


To guarantee a correct operation of the components that transport data, that covers networking environments (Swiches, Routers), Security (Firewalls), Servers (Physical and Virtual) and Hypervisor layers. Our platform has the following critical information:

Temperature Statistics.
CPU Usage Statistics.
Memory Statistics.
Latency Statistics and Lost Packages.
Using Bandwidth.
Log Levels Alerts.


We offer the Domain Name Management Service on the Internet, DNS, in order to publish addresses, records and services in a reliable and secure manner. Our DNS management service is based on the operating systems of the GNU / LINUX and FreeBSD family, and has the following configuration options:

BlackHole, focused on the containment of websites against malware, spyware and bad reputation
HA (High Alvailability), configured in clusters with floating IP and free of faults.
Split Horizon, controlled publication of network segments on the Internet.
RPZ (Response Policy Zone), URL filtering firewall for controlled Internet browsing.