Services and capacities
Servicio de infraestructura de mesa de ayuda, call centers

We have mechanisms of phone service as support to our client´s business lines. We provide a platform which permits the IT specialists to respond to incidents that could happen. Our service has the following characteristics adapted to each customer:

Transportation equipment with capacity of range medium or medium-high call volume.
Infrastructure and technology of existing telephony market.
Ability to put in operation a number 01800 to received active 120 simultaneous calls and having 120 ports (calls) standby.
Surveying tools (monitoring)and statistics on received calls, handled or answered, not addressed.
Call recording module for the monitoring of the quality of care.
Robust (Backbone) transport infrastructure with 1 GB links guaranteed.
High availability scenarios with transport equipment.
Telephone operation platforms are supported by virtualization schemes and programmed support tools, perimeter security, and network low segmentation.
Administration Tools for the monitoring of calls and tickets can approach safely monitoring remote offices via VPN.
There are facilities for putting up of call centers by up to 120 simultaneous specialists, with adjustments for logistics operation, immediate technical response to incidents.