The services that we offer in the Data Center of the National Center of Supercomputing of IPICYT, are supported by a set of processing, storage and network equipment that through convergent protocols and high availability architectures make up the Unified Computation. We currently have the following (non-limiting) capabilities in technological infrastructure:

  • Processing: 412 Physical Cores.
  • Memory: 8.91 TB
  • Storage: Growth up to 2.8 PB, support of SAN and NAS protocols

Due to the criticality of the data and services, the scheme used for information protection is "Defense in Depth" or "Defense in Depth", with which different protection strategies are carried out in the different technological layers. As a first step, there is a cloud proxy with anti-DDOs and WAF capability, which can contain a denial of service attack of up to 10 Gbps without the operations being affected.


In the Network WAN / LAN layer, the detection of threats based on signatures, behavioral and zero-day. At the server level, the operating systems are hardenizado and are located in security zones with specific permits based and the operation is managed based on International Standards of quality and security.

The publication of Internet services is through 2 ISPs with a bandwidth of 1 Gps, (Primary) and 500 Mbps (Secondary), CNS-IPICYT has an autonomous system to propagate its public address by any provider.


The provisioning of the technology is supported by 2 electric trains, which give us autonomy for up to 7 days in case of any power outage, in addition the Data Center is a container designed to meet the TIER III electrical redundancy specifications of the Uptime Institute, with which an SLA of 99.982% availability is reached.

The CNS-IPICYT has a cluster-type supercomputer Atos Bull brand with a theoretical computation capacity of 257.24 Teraflop / s (in double precision), composed of 86 calculation nodes of which 82 nodes are Intel technology (Skylake Xeon Gold) and 4 graphic nodes (4 nVidia P100 cards per node). We have a storage platform with Luster file system with a usable capacity of 1.7PB. The processing and storage infrastructure is interconnected with an InfiniBand EDR network of 100Gbps, RAM memory of the cluster is 19.25 TB, to being supported under the operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.4